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I’m Maria Brumberg

Payments & Billing Expert & Product Manager



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I am a product professional working in the fields of payments, billing, and risk management for over 15 years.

I work with merchants, marketplaces, independent sales vendors, and processors to create payment products of tomorrow. As payment product manager my goal is to plan and create optimal payment infrastructure setup according with the unique business requirements of each company. My main challenge is to plan a sustainable and scalable payment product that will be easily adaptable in the ever changing e-commerce landscape.

My passion besides work is to create a communities that enable collaboration, cooperation, and an open discussion. That is why I am one of the founders of Fintech Ladies IL , a community established to create a network of connections that will endorse female presence in the Fintech industry, and an editor in All About Payments group for payment professionals in Israel.

Get in touch if you  would like to discuss a project, a collaboration, or a speaking opprtunity.


Lead Business Payments & Billing Strategy

Find Best Suited Soltions and Products

Automating Payment & Billing Processes

Assuring  Product Compliance

Implementing Internal Payment Processes

Drive Partner Talks and Negotiations

Cross-Fumctional Collaboration

Implementing Innovations



Work History

2018- Present

In my current position I’m building and sustaining trusted client relationships with merchants from various verticals helping them develop Business Cases , Payment Product Road Maps and Payment & Billing System Architecture.


Delivered e-Payments Projects related to the improvement of payment method offering

Drove research of the e-payment tools and products to support business strategy

Defined,implemented, and monitored new features & UX improvements of the  cashier 
Collaborated with R&D teams, BAs, Sytem Analysts, and stakeholders to deliver cashier related projects

Risk Management & Fraud Prevention Team Manager, MEMO Global


Managed a team of high performing individuals in fast-paced environment
Credible and expert first point of contact for the FRP team and other departments
Led crossfunctional collaboration on projects directly associated with the FRP department
Partnered with third-party vendors and other external partnerships do deliver solutions required to support business risk mamangement strategy
Developed and automated in house risk scoring methodology incorporating third party tools alongside internal BI analytics

Seniour Fraud Prevention Analyst, MEMO Global


Conducted analysis of financial & transactional data to identify fraud trends and assess associated  risk 

Reported new fraud trends to management and other departments, drove crossfunctional collaboration to implement fraud prevention startegy

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