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Three Podcasts on Fintech in Korea

1. Korea Technology Weekly

In this episode presented an overview of the current state of affairs in the following ares:

  • Open banking

  • Financial Services Commission plans for the regulatory sandbox

  • Instant loans & stock trading apps

  • Naver - digital shopping and payment system

  • Kakaopay, Toss, Kbank

2. Wall Street Journal Podcast

3. Tokio Fintech Podcast

Chea Srun, the Founder & CEO of X-Quant, a startup that got accepted into the Seoul FinTech Lab accelerator shares his experience with the program.

The Seoul Fintech Lab was established in 2019 and since then, has been funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. To date, close to 100 FinTech startups, including 26 foreign companies, have been supported through the incubation program. The Seoul Fintech Lab aims to help accelerate FinTech companies’ growth with its global network of over 300 partners and mentors, which include highly experienced investors, entrepreneurs and regulators. In that regard, the Seoul program possibly differs from similar regional programs — from the outset, it has been designed to allow for pan-Asian and even global expansion while promoting the growth of the domestic ecosystem.

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