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Three Podcasts On Fintech Industry of Africa

1. Voice of Fintech, Africa Series

Building Trust Infrastructure for underserved SMBs with Hilda Moraa of Pezesha

In this episode among other thigs Hilda talks about

  • Open banking trends, and environment in Kenya & East Africa, and how is Pezesha positioned to play a leading role in the space [min 11]

  • Kenya CMA Regulatory sandbox in 2020. Basis/rationale of regulatory sandboxes in accelerating innovation in Africa’s FinTech industry [min 15]

  • Opportunities for FinTech actors to enhance the long-term social development of your domicile markets and African communities in general [min 34]

2. Wharton Fintech Podcast

Episode with Carl Wazen, co - founder of YOCO

Yoco, South Africa’s leading payments platform for small businesses offering a convenient way to accept card payments in-person or online.

Among the topics:

  • Yoco's history from 0 to 1 [min 8]

  • The struggle of SMEs and the lack of data transparency in the market [min 21]

  • The State of the fintech industry in South Africa and the rest of the continent [min 25]

3. Afrobility

African FinTech lending - How consumer loan platforms are providing credit across Africa

Episode discusses consumer lending in Africa, Africa’s credit landscape, analyzes lending tech companies across Africa & ends with overall outlook for the industry.

Conversation highlights:

  • Consumer lending in Africa [min 38:30]

  • Lending startups in Southern Africa [min 51:18]

  • Lending startups in Western Africa [ min 1:04:06]

  • Lending startups in Eastern Africa [min 1:05:00]

  • Lending startups in Northern Africa [min 1:16:16]

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