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Three Podcasts On Fintechs That Provide Lending Tools For SMEs

Here are 3 podcasts discussing lending for SMEs and their customers.

1.Fintech Founders Podcast, Interview with Cato Pastol of Lending Loop, a Canadian SME Lending Platfrom that connects between SMEs and private lenders allowing P2P lending.

2. Paypod Podcast - Merchant Processing Lending with Jorge Sun of Lendingfront: Ep 154

How can fintechs help banks to serve SMEs by creating a better segmentation, providing relevan information in real time, and automating the processes to reduce woarkload.

3. MEDICI Podcast - Lending as a Service with Parvita Walvekar of Kudos Finance

How can Saas Platfroms and Marketplaces incorporate lending for their SME clients.

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